What is Kitdo? 

Kitdo is a beautiful, lightweight, two-piece magnetic accessory that can be used to restyle your wardrobe, freeing you to play and reimagine the never-ending potential of your clothes. 

What can Kitdo do for you?

Kitdo is designed with strong-hold magnet inserts, in which you can bond and loop fabrics any way you want, without damaging your garments.  It is a powerful solution to change the way you look at your wardrobe through the lens of restyling, rethinking and reusing. 

What is Kitdo made from?

Kitdo is made with lightweight aluminium , finished with high-shine no water coating known as PVD to enhance durability.

Compromises of two strong magnet inserts with a fitted cover piece on each side to “hide” the magnets, giving the accessory a premium feel. 

What fabric would work for Kitdo?

Kitdo works perfect with thin summer fabrics for example silk, cotton, and linen. 

These fabrics are usually lightweight and have a smooth surface, which allows the magnet to securely attach to them without causing any damage.

On the other hand, chunky knits and thick wooly coats are generally made of heavier materials with a more textured surface.

In such cases, it would be more suitable to use as a brooch, providing a reliable way to accessorise. 

Does it get scratch? 

Just like any accessories, when Kitdo falls or comes into contact with a hard surface, it can result in scratches , dents, or other forms of damage. 

In order to prevent from severe damages or scratches, a pouch is included when purchasing a Kitdo

The micro-fiber pouch not only can protect your Kitdo when stored in your closet or your bag, it can also be used as a polishing cloth. 

How heavy does it weight?

The Kitdo may look heavy, but it only weights 40 grams which is equivalent to 3 tablespoons of sugar.